Free COVID keychain pattern

Out of boredom or whatnot this came out of our workbench recently and we decided to share it with you guys. Weird as it was, 2020 was an interesting year and our world has seen some changes that might alter the future in unpredictble ways. It at least altered the way we carry our keys around by having this keychain attached to them. This might be the most inoffensive virus you've ever downloaded and it might even keep you safe simply by holding you locked in your workshop while making it.


  • Save this image to your phone or computer and print it. The printing format is 'US Letter' which is sort of a happy medium as you can print it using any type of paper. Check 'Fit to paper', scale it at 100% and you're good to go. We strongly suggest reading this post before proceeding after which you can jump straight to the video tutorial .

Covid keychain pattern

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